How Do I Record a Visit from a Delivery Route?

Go to Clients, then Attendance

Click the "edit"  icon beside an existing delivery route.

You will only see program options for programs you would usually have permission to see on the client's Services page.

Select all the clients from the group who you want to record the visit for. You can use the "Select All"  option on the right. 

If you have to edit the list at all, make sure to save your changes before continuing to record a visit.

The system will notify you if a visit cannot be added for the client at this time. Reasons for this can be ineligibility, they have already received food or their profile needs to be reviewed.

When selecting the clients who you will be recording a visit to this program for, if you track quantity or provisions, this will be displayed as well.

Details will vary depending on the type of visit you're creating, and may or may not include

  • visit/pick up date
  • location
  • status
  • signature option (for TEFAP and CSFP visits)
  • notes
  • Quantity is NOT recorded when recording a visit using this feature

Click on "Save Visit"  to record a visit for all the selected clients. 

A summary will appear for all clients who the visit was recorded for and how many were not included (counting as a missed delivery).