Delivery Route Feature

This feature allows users to record a visit for several clients at a time in a group and print a list for drivers to use on a delivery route. While setting up your group, it will also allow you to include delivery notes and it keeps track of who misses their deliveries. It will record a visit that will appear in each of their profiles for the same visit date for those who were delivered to.


To enable the attendance feature, an Agency Manager or Network Administrator will have to check off this permission in the organization's and user's profile.


  • Go To, Administration > Organizations.

  • Select the "edit" icon beside the organization's name.

  • Click on "Intake Organization Profile" on the Profile tab

  • Click on "Edit Organization" on the right

  • Check off BOTH "Attendance Permitted" and "Delivery Route Enabled"

  • Save your changes.


  • Go To, Administration > Users.

  • Select the "edit" icon beside the user's name.

  • Click on "Intake-Specific"

  • Check off "Attendance Visits" under the Intake Permissions tab

  • Save your changes.