How Do I Edit a Delivery Route?

Go to Clients, then Attendance

Click the "edit"  icon beside an existing delivery route.

Add and remove clients until you have completed your delivery route. 

Search for the clients in the same way you would during client intake. See How Do I Search for Clients? for more information on how to do this. 

Once you have found the client in the dropdown list, click on the  icon to add them to the group.

The client's household details will appear, including:

  • Order #
  • ID# (both client and household)
  • Client Name
  • Household Address
  • Items/Services Provided
  • Dietary Considerations
  • Delivery Details
  • Notifications: Last Delivery Date, # Missed Deliveries
  • Notifications: household alert notes, forced review details, delivery reason and delivery notes

You can also:

  • Reorder: reorder the list of clients
  • Copy: copy the list
  • CSV: download the list as a csv
  • PDF: download the list as a PDF
  • Print: print the list

NOTE: you can add more than one client from the same household into the same group. The system will alert you that you have done this and you can choose to continue if that is what you meant to do.

A notification bar will appear reminding you that you have to update your group in order to see the full completed list or to record a visit. 

Click on the "trash"  icon to remove a client from the group.

Click "Update Group"  to save your changes.