Using Link2Feed for Emergency Response

Having data is critical during emergency response to understand and express how clients are impacted during emergency conditions. Below are suggestions of how to leverage Link2Feed for emergency response.

Shortening the Intake Process

Temporarily Disabling Fields

Temporarily disabling fields that are not related to emergency response can help process clients more quickly. Some examples include:

  • Marital Status

  • Languages

  • Referred By

  • Education Status

  • Expenses

Contact technical support and indicate which fields should be disabled. When fields are re-enabled after emergency response, clients missing temporarily disabled fields will be in forced profile review.

Modified Visit Recording

Removing details on visit records (ex. quantity of food provided, provisions) can make visit recording more efficient. Some other ways to streamline visit recording include:

Administrators can enable these features for their organizations and users. Details on how to enable are in the linked user manual pages above.

Delivery Feature How Do I Create a Delivery Route?

Link2Feed launched a new delivery route feature early and made it available for all users at no cost during COVID response (until June 30, 2020).

 The delivery feature can be set up quickly and involves four easy steps:

  1. Create household profiles

  2. Create delivery route, including drop-off orders

  3. Download list for driver (or have driver access list on their mobile device)

  4. Record completed deliveries

See a short video here to learn more.

Learn how to set up the feature on this User Manual page.

The feature is also integrated with Google Maps, making it easy to optimize a route and open in Google Maps on any mobile device. Learn more here.

Extending Forced Profile Review

You can extend your standard forced profile review period by going to Administration-> Organization and clicking the edit pencil beside your network name.

Then click on “Profile” at the top, then “Intake Organization Profile” and select the “Edit Organization” button on the right.

At the top of the page you will see “Force Profile Review After” and a text box below with the number of days. You can change that number to any number of days you wish. Make sure you press “Save” when complete.

CNCT (Client Self-Enrollment Portal)

In response to growing need to enroll new clients while maintaining social distance protocols, Link2Feed is piloting a client self-enrollment portal. This new tool will enable food bank clients to create an online account with their household profile information that syncs with the Link2Feed Case Management software.

Read more about the pilot on our blog.


Scheduling appointments can be helpful where there is an influx of new clients or social distancing is important.

You can use the “Appointment Caseload” feature to indicate how many clients you will see per number of minutes (ex. 5 clients every 30 minutes).


Gathering Additional Data

Tracking Reason for Visit

The “Reason for Visit” feature is recorded at each visit. This list can be customized to specify if their reason for visit is related to emergency response.

If you are not already tracking this field, you can email technical support to have it enabled. You can then change the options through the list administration- see

NOTE: This feature cannot be used with Quick Click

Modifying “Self Identifies As”

You can also add additional options to the “Self Identifies As” list to identify clients impacted by the emergency situation- see

Create a New Program

If you are doing special emergency distribution programs, they can be tracked via a new program type.

Email support to add a new program type.

Survey Feature

Surveys can be created to gather non-demographic feedback from clients about the impacts of emergencies.

As of 4/9 visits are not needed to record survey data.

See for more information.


The Link2Feed messaging feature can be a great way to communicate directly with users. See for more information.

(US Only) Adjusting for Federal Waivers- TEFAP/CSFP

A number of states are reducing program requirements (ex. discontinuing signatures) for commodities programs.

Current options in Link2Feed include:

Double Distribution

Allows you to do two months worth of pickups at once.

  • Forward Distribution: One visit today and one exactly one calendar month from today

    • Ex. Today is Feb 10- One visit Feb 10, one visit March 10

  • Backward Distribution: One visit today and one exactly one calendar month before today

    • Ex. Today is Feb 10- One visit Feb 10, one visit January 10

Modified Signature Types

Signature requirements can be removed entirely and options for “Verbal Signature” and “Pre-Typed Siganture” can be enabled.


For more information on how Link2Feed is managing COVID waivers for CACFP/SFSP please see this page.

Next Steps

If you are interested in learning more about any of the above features or have questions about how Link2Feed can help you with emergency support, reach out to your account manager or technical support at any time.