What is a Bulk Program?

A bulk program is a non-pantry program that can be used to track aggregate information.

By default, the program can track the total number of children, adults and seniors, but this can be customized to whatever label(s) the organization wants to track.

For example, if it’s a Snack Program, you can choose to record just “Snacks”.

If it’s a Meal Program, you choose to record “Households” and “Individuals”.

A bulk program should not be confused with our inventory program. A bulk program is a program directly being run by the specific location, not food or services being provided to another location for their program.

Program Name

You can choose to name your bulk program whatever you’d like. This is called a program name.

Every program needs a program name and a program type associated with it.

Program Types

A program type is a categorization of the type of programs in an organization. A site can have more than one program with the same program type. When running reports, keep in mind that they can only be filtered by program type, not program name. If you need two programs within one organization to be reported on separately, consider assigning it to another program type.

See below for the list of generic program types:

  • Backpack Program- Providing backpacks

  • Breakfast Program- Providing breakfast meals to clients

  • Case Management- Tracking non-food activities

  • Clothing Program- Providing clients with clothes, footwear, professional attire, blankets, etc.

  • Financial Assistance- Providing some type of financial assistance to a client

  • Furniture Equipment- Providing furniture to a client

  • Meal Program- Providing some type of meal to clients

  • Multi-Service Program- Providing more than one type of service to a client

  • School Supplies- Providing school supplies, uniforms to students

  • Service- Providing a non-financial, non-food type of service to a client (e.g. classes, referrals)

  • Snack Program- Providing snacks to clients

  • Social Assistance- Support applying to social assistance

  • Turned Away- Providing numbers of how many clients could not be served that day