*NEW! Check-In Feature

The CSFP Check-In feature is a way to perform an informal CSFP recertification in between the regular recertification periods. This will not be enabled automatically and can be customizable.

  • The check-in time period can be specified in the same way as the recertification period

    • choosing a specific month

    • choosing the number of months

  • The setting can be enabled if a user should be able to record a CSFP visit without having completed a check-in that’s due.

  • Verbiage for the check-in disclaimer can be added

  • eSignatures for the check-in disclaimer can be added

Check-In Banner

The blue banner will include the next CSFP Check-In Date above the CSFP Recertification Date

Check-In on CSFP Tab


  • A “Check-In” button will appear on the CSFP tab above the Certification/Recertification Log.

  • When a Check-In is completed, it will show in the Certification/Recertification log in the same way as other records but will say “Check-In” instead of “Recertfication”

Conflicting Check-In and Recertfication
If the recertification is due before their next check-in, neither the check-in banner nor button on CSFP tab will show. A new check-in cycle will start based on their most recent recertification date.

CSFP Check-In from Services Page



If the client is due for a Check-In within 30 days of the scheduled date or any time after the Check-In period, when the client clicks on the "New CSFP Visit" button on the Services page, a pop-up will appear:




If Yes:

  • another window will appear with the Check-In Disclaimer (if enabled) and buttons for “Yes” and “No”

  • if a signature is required (if enabled), capture the signature.

  • you’ll be sent back to the page the user was on (Services page)

If No:

  • the client will be due for recertification and placed in a forced profile review.

If Ignore:

  • this button will only be displayed if the setting for “Check-In- Allow visit without check-in” is enabled

  • the user will be able to dismiss the alert for that day. The alert will reappear every day until the check-in is completed.

Check-In & Attendance

  • "Check-In required. Please review this client's information" will appear under the “Notifications” column of an attendance group if the client is due for a check-in.

  • Unless the CSFP setting for "Allow visit without check-in" is enabled, clients due for a check-in will be in red and will not be able to receive an attendance visit.

Check-In & QuickClick

  • If check-in is required, the user will see a pop-up notifying them that the client needs to complete the check-in disclaimer (if required).

Check-In & CSFP Kit Issuance List

  • The client’s next check-in date will be a separate column next to the “Next Recertification” column.

Check-In Visit Export Additions

The following fields have been added to the visit export:

  • CSFP Initial Check-In Date

  • CSFP Last Check-In Date

  • CSFP Next Check-In Date

  • CSFP Check-In Disclaimer

  • CSFP Check-In Signature


These features have NOT been added to your system. To discuss having these new features implemented, please reach out to your account manager to walk through updating your CSFP settings document.