CSFP Enhancements (US Only)


Ineligible Clients

  • If a client does not meet the eligibility requirements for age or income when landing on the CSFP tab, the fields on the CSFP tab will be greyed out

  • The status will be automatically be set to "Denied" (if the setting is enabled) or "None". Users will NOT be able to change the status unless the client meets age/income requirements.

Removing Recertification Banner

  • When a client's CSFP status is changed to Inactive, Denied or Closed, the CSFP recertification banner and CSFP forced review will be removed.

CSFP Recertification Exceptions

There is a new setting available called "Recertification Exception" for Active CSFP clients. This setting will allow the recertification period to be a different number of months based on the income within the household and household size.

When enabled, if a client a) only has one source of income for the household and b) that income matches a source of income from the “Income” list, they will be prompted to recertify based on the "Recertification exception period" instead of the "Recertification period"

  • Food banks can determine what the time period is for clients who are exempt from the regular certification period.

  • They can also select the specific income sources that should be part of this exemption.

CSFP Automatic Attendance List

  • Clients with their CSFP status set as "Denied" or "Inactive", “None” or "Closed" will no longer appear on this list.

  • “Not Certified” will be listed in the “Next Recertification” column for clients who don’t have a certification/recertification entry on their CSFP tab.

CSFP Kit Issuance List

The following columns have been added to the CSFP Kit Issuance List:

  • Address Line 1

  • Address Line 2

  • City

  • State

  • Zipcode

  • Household Size (All individuals in the household)

  • Qualifying Household Members (first name, last name and date of birth of household members over 60 who are not enrolled in CSFP)

  • Total Income (total household income of all household members)

  • Primary Income (household primary income source)

  • Signature Line

  • Signature Date

  • The “Mail Merge” and “Signature Sheet” options have been removed since those columns are now on this list.

  • If users have the “Inactive Status” setting enabled, the reason will be shown in brackets on this list (e.g. “Inactive (Moved)”.

  • Clients who don’t have all the required fields on the CSFP tab completed will not appear on this list.

CSFP Client List

  • Clients who don’t have all the required fields on the CSFP tab completed will not appear on the CSFP Client list.

*Option to Set Certification by Calendar Month & No. of Months

Currently, when setting the certification/recertification period, you can select calendar month OR # of months.

  • Network Administrators can now select BOTH (e.g. every 2 years in March)

Regional CSFP Kit Issuance List

  • Regional users can now run a CSFP Kit Issuance List while logged into the regional organization.

  • The "For the Following Organizations" section will be listed by network, with the option to expand them to see all agencies and choose them specifically.



*These features have NOT been added to your system. To discuss having these new features implemented, please reach out to your account manager to walk through updating your CSFP settings document.