"Last Profile Review" & "Complete Review Now"

Last Profile Review: the last time the client profile has been reviewed in full and is tied into the forced profile review.

Forced Review

A forced review period is the length of time that can pass before the system flags a client profile to be viewed in full. Your forced review period can be edited in your network settings by a Link2Feed Support Administrator.

The last profile review will show on the top right-hand side of the client's “Personal” and “Services” pages of their profile within 90 days of the next profile review date. It outlines the date the profile was last reviewed and how long it has been since that review. When the forced review date is approaching, you will have the opportunity to review the profile now instead of waiting for the date. Clicking on “Complete Review Now” will grey out all the client profile tabs for reviewing.

When reviewing a client's profile, the "Last Profile Review" section doesn't update unless it was a forced profile review. There are also instances where a Network Administrator may notice something in the client's profile that may cause them to want a user to review the profile on the next visit. A new button "Review Profile On Next Visit" has been added. When a user clicks on it, the next profile review date will be set to tomorrow. This allows the user to continue accessing the client profile for that day. It will be in a forced review by the time the client returns.

Step-by-Step Guide

When accessing a client’s Personal" tab within their profile, there will be a notification on the top of the page stating "Missing Information - Please review this client’s profile for missing information.”

The pages of the profile will look as if it is a new client, with the tabs numbered at the top.


Click on the “Edit”icon to edit a household member’s information. Click on “Done”to save your changes.

Review all fields with the client on the "Personal" page, updating as necessary. Click on the "Save & Next"button when you are complete. You will only be able to move on to the next tab if the page is successfully saved. If there are no changes, still click on the “Save & Next”button at the bottom of the page.

  • Repeat for the "Profile", "Monthly Income" and "Dietary Considerations" pages.

When all pages have been completed, you will be able to record a visit as normal. The clients "Next Profile Review" will update to the next date a review will be required.

Reviewing a client's profile will NOT count as a forced profile review. You can review a client's profile every time the client comes to visit, but it will not adjust the "Next Profile Review" date. That date is only connected to when the profile was reviewed when it was forced to.

Changing the review period uses the new value going forward, and doesn’t bring clients out of profile review if they were needing the review before the review period was extended. Those in profile review prior to the change will still need to have their profile reviewed, after the review they will not require another profile review until the new review date.

Profile Review Reasons

At Least One Primary Income Source

This client is missing an income source.  A profile review is required to record the client's income source. 
There may also be 2 income sources selected, only one income source should be selected as the Primary source.

Client MergeThis client has recently been merged.  A profile review is required to ensure the merge was successful and all the data that was preserved is correct.
Client SplitThis client recently split from a household.  A profile review is required for household, income, and expense reasons.
Consent SignatureThis client is missing their consent signature.  A profile review is required to ensure that the consent signature is collected.
CSFP DeactivatedThis client's CSFP was deactivated.   A profile review is required to ensure this is correct.
CSFP RecertificationThis client's CSFP has expired and needs to be recertified.  A profile review is required to ensure the recertification is reviewed with the client.
Inactive ClientThis client was marked as inactive after not visiting for 180 days.  A profile review is required to ensure all personal data is still accurate. A visit must be recorded within that same day in order for the overnight check in the system NOT to automatically change the status back to Inactive.
Missing DataThis client is missing important client data.  A profile review is required to ensure the missing data is added.
New ClientThis client is new and is currently being created.  They cannot reach the services page until they are complete, and new clients will be removed from the system after 72 hours if not completed.
Profile Review RequiredThe client's profile hasn't been reviewed in the # of days set in the network organization settings (this occurs regardless of visit activity and is usually set to 365 days)
Queued for IntakeThis client is in a queue for Intake.
Review Next DaySelecting this option will set the client's next profile review date to tomorrow.  No profile review will be needed today.
Review NowAdvance the client's next profile review today.  You or one of your workers will need to complete the profile review before accessing services.
ScheduledThe client's profile is scheduled for a review.  A profile review is required to ensure all client details are still accurate.
TEFAP RecertificationThis client's TEFAP has expired and needs to be recertified.  A profile review is required to ensure the recertification is reviewed with the client.
TEFAP ScreeningThis client has successfully been screened for TEFAP and needs to complete the rest of their profile before accessing services.