How Do I Create and Send a Message?

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Go to your Message Inbox by:
    • Clicking on the "Envelope"  icon on the top right hand side of the screen
    • Clicking on the "Envelope" icon at the top of the sidebar, underneath the date 
    • Clicking on the "Messages" heading on the sidebar 

  2. Click on the "New Message"  button.
  3. Your name will be defaulted in the "From" field 
  4. Choose the importance of the message to be displayed to the recipient. 

    If you flag a message as "Urgent" the recipient will be blocked from accessing other pages in the portal until they acknowledge your message.

  5. Click on the box below "Recipients" and a list of users and organizations will appear. You can choose users/organizations by scrolling and clicking on their name or by typing the name and either clicking on it or typing the "Enter" key when it appears.

Selecting the Network

If you select the network name, all users (not just those with the network listed as their owning organization) will receive the message you're sending.

      6. Type a subject below the "Subject" box 

      7. Type your message in the large box below the "Message" header.

      8. Click on the "Send"  button to send the message or "Cancel"  to return to your inbox.

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