How Do I Use a Heat Map Report?

Visual distribution of clients who have visited in the report period.

How is this map created?

OpenStreetMap and Open Addresses create coordinates based on addresses and post codes. It uses the entirety of the map and then finds the total number of data points.

The system looks at on actual geolocation by street address and selects one location to represent those addresses. The legend is used to define the density by zip code. The level of density will be adjusted depending on how zoomed in you are.

Step-by-Step Guide

See Report Setup Foundations for information on basic setup steps used in all reports.

Data Points Displayed on Map

  • Show a marker for each organization on the Heat Map report: Checking the box will show a house icon on the map for each organization selected under "For the following". If the box is unchecked, the map will not show house icons.
  • Show data for: Choose what type of data you want the heat map to report on.
    • Household Age Group: Shows only people of a particular age.

    • Gender Identity: Shows people only with that selected gender identity.

    • Unique Households: Shows each household only once regardless of the number of times they visited.

    • Students: Shows people who have indicated that they employment is "Student" or selected "Yes" for the Post-Secondary Student question.

    • Total Visits: Shows location of household for each visit, duplicated count.

  • Click on the "Create Report"  button.
  • Your report will be found in your "Report Inbox".

Review Report Basics for information on what "Unique"/"Duplicated" mean.

Heat Map Report

To zoom in and out, hold down CTRL (or Command on a Mac) and zoom in and out with your mouse.

The Heat Map colors range from white to red. It also includes a legend for the colors. See How Do I Print a Heat Map Report? for instructions on how to print this report.