How Do I Use a Hunger Count Report? (Canada Only)

The required information for Food Banks Canada's HungerCount Report.
The report does not automatically submit to Food Bank's Canada, the organization itself will need to forward it on.

Step-by-Step Guide

See Report Setup Foundations for information on basic setup steps used in all reports.

  • Click on the "Create Report" 


  • Your report will be found in your "Report Inbox".

Hunger Count Report

The sections are numbered to match the questions in the Hunger Count survey.


“Adults”, “Seniors” and “Children” are the only bulk counters that show up in the meal and snack program question of the Hunger Count report. Each “one” counts as a unique individual and a unique household (eg- 50 Adults would show up as 50 Anonymous Individuals in 50 Anonymous Households on duplicated and unique counts.)

Custom bulk categories will NOT be counted in this report, but can be found in the Generic Program Report


Question 8: "New Immigrants <10 years" is calculated on the basis of the client's immigration date.

Question 11: Households Types

  • Single Parent/Guardian Families

    • One person regardless of age.

    • One or more people under 18 that have the relationship to the primary household member of "Child", "Grandchild", "Sibling" or "Other Relative".

  • Two-Parent/Guardian Families

    • Two people with a "partner" relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend, common-law partner, spouse).

    • One or more people under 18 that have the relationship to the primary household member of "Child", "Grandchild", "Sibling" or "Other Relative".

  • Couples with no children

    • Two people with a "partner" relationship, regardless of age.

  • Single People

    • Count if one person is alone in household, regardless of age.

  • Other

    • Multiple people without family relationships.

    • Single parent/two-parent family with child over 18.

    • >1 but < All relationships between household members marked "Undisclosed".

    • Any other household relationship that doesn't fit in the above and is not an "Undisclosed" household as below.

  • Undisclosed

    • The relationship between ALL household members are marked as undisclosed.

    • Was a household with an Anonymous visit.


Question B2: This is a new section to the end of Question B2 to better track visible and non-visible minorities. This table is titled “Visible Minorities”

  • NEW! Racial Identity Table: Formerly known as the “Ethnicity Table”

    • Tracks a unique client count of individuals who identify as either visible minorities or non-visible minorities

    • Unknown ethnicities are excluded from this table

    • Collects data for each identity a client specifies (i.e. if a client selected more than one ethnicity, each would be represented)