How Do I Merge Client Duplicates?

Step-by-Step Guide


Click on the "Clients" headings. Click on "Client Duplicates".

You can go between pages by using the pagination at the bottom. It will also show you a count of how many pairs of duplicates there are in your list.

If you're looking for a particular duplicate that you know is in the system, you can use the Search bar at the top right of the page.

You can search for an individual using the same criteria you would on the main Dashboard page. 

The fields that the system found duplicated will be highlighted.

  • ID: the individual's Link2Feed ID number
  • First Name: the individual's first name
  • Last Name: the individual's last name
  • Date of Birth: the individual's date of birth
  • Address: the address of the household the individual is in
  • Agency: the organization where the individual's original household was created
  • Created By: the user who created the individual's profile


Duplicates will be added to this list if they match the following criteria: 

  • First Name + Last Name
  • First Name + Date of Birth
  • Last Name + Date of Birth 

Address will be highlighted if it matches, but is not a criteria for finding duplicates.

Viewing and Merging

  • Click on the "View"  button to compare the client files. A new tab will open allowing you to view information about both clients.

  • Click the "Edit" icon on the bottom of the page under a client you'd like to edit 
  • Click on the "Merge"   button to merge a client file into another.The files will merge and a screen will show a confirmation view of the information that was merged into which profile. The maintained profile will be kept, retaining that Client ID number and any details from that profile within it. The discarded client ID number will be removed. Any client information not already present in the maintained profile will be moved over from the discarded profile, as well as any visits. 

If you have the "Advanced Merge System" enabled in your portal, please continue to see the information below. 

A new tab will open confirming what is going to happen. 


The "Merged Maintained" section will show what the client's profile will look like when the duplicates are merged. 

If there are other members within the household that's going to be deleted, the system will mention them and what you'd like to do with them. There will be a list of dropdown options.

  • LEAVE: leave this individual in the household it's currently in. Do not delete this household because this individual does not belong in the merged household.
  • MERGE: merge this individual with another individual (which can be selected from this list) in the "Maintained" household.
  • MOVE: move this individual into the "Maintained" household. 

A notification will appear letting you know what will happen to the discarded household.

Click on "Save" to confirm the merge. 

  • A notification will appear at the top of the page indicating that the duplicate has been merged. 
  • Any duplicates in the Client Duplicates list within those households will also be removed from the list.
  • Click on the "Dismiss"  button to dismiss a pair of duplicates. A notification will appear at the top of the page indicating that the pair has been dismissed.