How Do I Add a Bulk Entry to a Generic Program?

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Click on the "Programs" heading. 

  2. Click on "Record Data".

  3. Find the program you need and then click on the "Record Data" 


  4. Choose the date by typing it in the date field or using the calendar picker feature.

  5. Type in the amount given in each of the categories listed for that program or in the "Total" field.

If you do not separate meals served by age category, record visits under "Adults 18-65" and put "0" in the other sections.

6. Additionally “Notes” can be added to the recording making it easy to capture and export data on Bulk Recordings

Not seeing the “Notes” section? Follow the steps on to enable notes.


You can remove any of the existing options (Children, Adults, Seniors) and/or add additional fields. 

Additional fields can only be added by Network Administrators in the Lists section under "Bulk Recording Category".

To add the Bulk Category, navigate to Admin->Network Programs, select the bulk program to edit, and scroll down until you see Use Bulk Recording Categories. Select the categories you would like to use, then save the page.

Available Bulk Categories


The system will only allow you to generate this list within a 180 day period. If you select a longer duration, it will automatically set the "End Date" to 180 days after the "Start Date". This prevents the system speed from being affected.