Appointment Feature

This type of visit is used to schedule a visit or delivery that will occur in the future, setting the status as "Pending". It will allow you to create an appointment. This will not be saved as an actual visit unless the status of the appointment has been changed to confirm the provisions were picked up. This status is "Collected".

Appointments can be set for any program, including generic ones. 

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Click on the "Services"  page within your client's profile. See How Do I Search for Clients? to learn how to find your client's file. 

  2. Click on the "New Appointment"  button to schedule an appointment. Please note that the "New Appointment" button may not necessarily be labelled "New Appointment", but instead will be the name of the program you are adding the Appointment Feature to. To learn more about programs see Programs Types vs. Program Names.

A pop-up window appears when entering the pick up time when creating an appointment. It also has bigger up/down arrows to make it easier to enter the time. If your user settings are set to AM/PM for time preferences, an additional box will be available to select AM or PM. 

  • Pick Up Date: automatically set to the current date. This can be changed manually if the pick up or delivery date will be at a future date. This CANNOT be a date in the past unless the Status is set to Collected before entering date and time information.
  • Pick Up Time: can be added upon request; the time of the appointment
  • Location: automatically set to the location the user is currently linked to. This can be manually changed if the pick up or delivery location is another agency that the user has access to.
  • Status: automatically set to "Pending". This can be changed during the different stages of product pick-up. Other statuses include "Packed", "Shipped" "Collected", "Not Collected", "Rescheduled" and "Cancelled".
  • Quantity: enter how much food supplied was given out. This word can vary from "days", "lbs", "kgs", "money" "points", "hampers" or "items". 

  • Provisions: enter or check off provisions listed that were provided to the household.

Customisable Statuses

The appointment statuses can be customized. This includes:

  • deactivating statuses that don't apply to your network
  • renaming statuses
  • creating statuses with the same parent type

Network Administrators can see How Do I Add an Item to a List? for more information on how to do this.

Why can't I select a status?

You cannot record a visit if no appointment statuses have been set.  They need to be added to the Appointment Statuses on the Admin→Lists page.  We recommend setting a minimum of two statuses, with a parent type of Pending and Collected.  This will ensure that your appointments can be recorded and collected.

Recording a Visit

  • To have the appointment recorded a visit, go back to the client's profile and click the "edit" icon beside the appointment you want to change

  •  From the dropdown list of the status, change it to "Collected" and save your changes.
  • An appointment will only be recorded as a visit if its status is changed to "Collected". No other status will count as a visit.


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