Pantry/Food Bank Visit

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Click on the "Services"  page within your client's profile. See How Do I Search for Clients? to learn how to find your client's file. 

  2. Click on the "New Visit Food Bank" (or whatever the dark blue button is labelled at your organization)  button to add a visit. 

  • Date: automatically set to the current date. This can be changed manually if the pick up or delivery date has passed. 
  • Provisions: enter or check off provisions listed that were provided to the household.
  • Quantity: enter how much food supplied was given out. This word can vary from "days", "lbs", "kgs", "money" "points", "hampers" or "items". 
  • Delivery: automatically set "No". This can be changed manually if the client's provisions are being delivered.

Go to How Do I Add a Visit? to find the remaining instructions on how to complete a visit.


You can find blue question marks at the top of certain sections. Clicking on it will provide more information on how to complete the area you are filling out.