How Do I Delete a School Year Meal Service Using the Error Log Feature?


If any participants need to be added to the list, do this before entering the completed meal service to edit it. See How Do I Add a New Participant? for more information on how to do this.

Click on the Meal Services heading.

Click on School Year.

Meal services that did not occur during a time period indicated in the Agency Settings page will be in an Error state on the Meal Services log.

To delete a meal service in an Error state:

Click on the red trash  icon to delete that summer meal service.
Be absolutely certain because once deleted, NO information from that meal service can be retrieved in the back end of the system.


  • Network Administrator: this user can both edit and delete a meal service in an error state

  • General CACFP & SFSP User: this user cannot delete a meal service in an error state, but can edit it