How Do I Enter a Past Summer Meal Service Using the Error Log Feature?

Click on the Meal Services heading.

Click on Kid's Cafe-Summer

Meal services that did not occur during a time period indicated in the Agency Settings page will be in an Error state on the Meal Services log.

To enter information for an empty meal service in an Error state:

Click on the orange edit  icon to view that summer meal service.

Every meal service field is editable.

See How Do I Start a New School Year Meal Service? for more information on these fields.

  • When editing any meal service, ANY USER will be able to see and make edits to comments entered during the meal service.

  • It appears directly about the "Describe the extent and reasoning for your modifications" text box

  • The most updated version of comments will be visible in the network level meal service log

Describe the extent and reasoning for your modifications

  • The user will need to explain why they are entering the meal service details after the designated time period.

Unsaved Changes

If you make changes without documenting the reason for your changes and clicking on "Update Meal Service"  and leave the page, NONE of the edits you made will be saved.

Click on "Update Meal Service"  to save your changes or "Cancel" to discard them.