How Do I Start a New School Year Meal Service Using the Error Log Feature?

Network Admin

If you're a Network Administrator logged into the network organization, you will have to toggle to the agency you want to start a meal service for. 

Click on the hierarchy symbol on the top right of the page. A dropdown list will appear of your sites. Click on the site you want to create a meal service for. From there, you will see the button available for the meal service that site offers. 

You'll want to create a new school meal service at the time your meal service is about to begin, NOT the time you received the food.

User Permissions

Network Administrators can start the meal service at any time. Agency Managers and below can't start the meal service before -it has to be between the start time and end time set in the Agency Settings.

Option 1

Click on "School Year - Start a new Meal Service" on your Dashboard.

Option 2

Click on the Meal Services heading.

Click on Kid's Cafe-School Year

Click on the "New School Year Meal Service"  button in the top right corner


If you get an error like the one below, it means that you will need to review your agency settings because you're trying to start a meal service outside of the days and times you've set. 

Number of meals from previous day: how many meals are being used in this service that were meant for a previous service *Optional setting that may not be in all portals

Number of meals received: how many meals were obtained for this service *Optional setting that may not be in all portals

Do the meals match the planned Menu?: are the meals received those that were expected

  • If it doesn't match, you will be asked to type details about the exact meal received

Temperature of Meals Received: The temperature of the meals when it arrived (must be less than 200) *Optional setting that may not be in all portals

Temperature of Milk Received: The temperature of the milk when it arrived (must be less than 99) *Optional setting that may not be in all portals

Date: this is the date of the meal service. Only a network administrator or network manager can record a meal service for a date in the past

Time received: The time were the meals received (default to the current time) *Optional setting that may not be in all portals

Time meal service will end: this will be greyed out and set to the end time of the meal type set up in the Agency Settings that is closest to the current time

Meal Type: this will be greyed out and automatically set based on if the current time is within the start/end time of a meal type's meal service, the system will automatically take that meal type. Otherwise, it will take the meal type closest to the current time

Meal Style: check all that apply to the style of meal being served. *Optional setting that may not be in all portals

Administrators can edit meal styles under the Lists section. 

Signature: signature of program distributor starting the meal service. The user can use their finger (on a touch screen device) or mouse (on a computer)  to sign in the "Signature" box.

Click on "Clear"  to redo the signature

The "Signed By" section will automatically be the name of the user logged in. The date will automatically be today's date. 

Click on "Start Meal Service" to start the meal service.


A countdown clock will be at the top of the page counting down until the end of the Meal Service.

  • The names (and participant ID, if applicable) and ages of the participants will be listed in a table

  • Each column is filterable using the small arrow to the right of the column

  • Clicking on the row once records their attendance, making the row grey.

  • The next click records one meal, making the row green.

  • Clicking on the row again will add another meal, making it orange.

  • Clicking on the row more times, will record the number of meals for the number of clicks and will turn the row red

  • The total amount of meals provided to the participant will be listed in the second last column title "# of Meals"

  • If you want to remove a meal that was added by accident, click on the "minus" 

     icon in the last column

New Participant

You can add a new participant directly on this page by clicking on "Add a Participant" above the list of participants' names.

Feel free to enter notes or comments applicable to the particular meal service. There is a 70 character limit.

Click on "End Meal Service"  to end the meal service. 

A notification will appear asking if you're sure you want to end the meal service for every user who is currently accessing it. Every other user who is currently accessing this service will also have this notification pop up on their screen. Click OK.

Changing Settings

If you change agency settings while a meal service is in progress, you risk encountering an error while ending that meal service. The system expects the same options while starting the meal service to be available when ending it. 

A confirmation will appear letting you know that the meal service has ended. Click OK.


The above screen will display a summary of your meal service details. 

Click on "Return to Summer Meal Services" to be taken back to the School Year Meal Services log.

More Meals Served Than Delivered

When recording a meal service using the participant module, occasionally the system has stored more meals served than meals delivered. This occurs when two users simultaneously click on a name to indicate that participant has received a meal.

We have made two additions to the system to manage this:

  1. If the Meal Service is Running- If the meal service is actively running, the users will receive a notification that more meals have been served than have been delivered, and the system will prompt for a correction.

  2. If the Meal Service has ended- If the meal service ends before the correction has been made, the meal will appear with an “Error” status in the meal service log.