How Do I Set Up Meal Service Date/Time Settings?

Only Network Administrators and Network Managers can edit Agency settings.

This option will only appear if the Error Log feature is turned on. This can be found on the Network Settings page

Make sure you're logged into the agency you want to make changes for before accessing the Agency Settings page.

Click on the Agency Settings heading.

For each program type that is checked off, you will now see an "Add"  button where you can add the days and start and end times of each meal service. 

There are options available to customise hours of operations for appointments. They are also customizable by each agency's program.

  • Weekly: this is the existing option and you can still add hours for a specific day of the week 
  • Cycle: you can schedule additional hours of operation that doesn't necessarily fit within the weekly schedule, but is more than a specific one-day exception (e.g. first Friday of the month) and enter a time. 
  • One Day Exception: you can also set one day exceptions by using the calendar widget to set a day and time period outside of the schedule already entered that the pantry is also open for those services. 

NOTE: the system will not let you add a cycle or exception if it conflicts or overlaps with the current schedule.

Click on "Save"  to save your changes or "Cancel"  to discard them. 

Setting Time

A pop-up window appears when entering the hours of operation. It also has up/down arrows to accurately enter the start and end time. If your user settings are set to AM/PM for time preferences, an additional box will be available to select AM or PM. 

Click on "Add" to add as many that apply. 

Click on the "Save" button to save the items or "Cancel"  to discard.


All dates with open hours of operation will be in green. 


Dates of closure can be added in the organization's profile settings. These dates will apply to the appointment module where an appointment cannot be created on that date. It also will not appear as an available appointment if using the caseload feature. 

To remove a closure date, click on the same red date and the background will change back to white.

By using the Error Log feature, a meal entry is missing by the end of the day, the system should create an entry for that meal with all missing information. The system should classify this as an “Error”.

10-Minute Delay

Make sure to set the hours of operation at least 10 minutes before any meal service is set to start. It takes about 10 minutes for the system to sync up the updated hours of operation entered.