Error Log Feature


This feature will prevent users from creating meal services outside of the date/time settings set on their Agency Settings page.

Users will also not be allowed to start a meal service if there is already a meal service for that type at that site that day.

Steps to enable Error Log:

What happens when the Error Log is enabled:

  • When a user tries to create a new meal outside of the agency's scheduled hours, it will not let them unless the user has the network manager or network administrator role. The error message will look like this:
  • If a meal service does not occur during a time when it is scheduled to occur, the meal service will still be listed in the meal service log but with an "Error" status. The error record will look similar to this:
  • When the Error Log setting is enabled, errors will only show for meal services going forward, it will not error previous “completed” meal services.

When Does the Error Log Appear?

A scheduled task runs in the background every 10 minutes. Depending on the hours of operation set on the site's Agency Settings page, if a meal service isn't recorded, an error log entry will appear in about 10 minutes.

The following user types can edit all sections of a meal service in error:

  • General Users
  • Network Admin
  • Network Manager

The following user types can DELETE a meal service in error:

  • Network Admin
  • Network Manager