How Do I End a School Year Meal Service?

Click on the Meal Services heading.

Click on School Year

Click on the blue folder  icon to view a school year meal service that is currently in progress.

You could also already be in the meal service.

Click on "End Meal Service"  to end the meal service. 

NOTE: only the user who created the meal service can end it. A Network Manager and Network Administrator can end any school year meal service.

More Meals Served Than Delivered

When recording a meal service using the participant module, occasionally the system has stored more meals served than meals delivered. This occurs when two users simultaneously click on a name to indicate that participant has received a meal.

We have made two additions to the system to manage this:

  1. If the Meal Service is Running- If the meal service is actively running, the users will receive a notification that more meals have been served than have been delivered, and the system will prompt for a correction.

  2. If the Meal Service has ended- If the meal service ends before the correction has been made, the meal will appear with an “Error” status in the meal service log.