Unknown Attachment

User & Organization: the name of the user and the organization where the meal service took place

Date: the date the meal service took place

Start Time: the time the meal service started

End Time: the time the meal service ended

Status: the status of the meal service (completed, in-progress)

Meals: the total amount of meals provided in the meal service

Notes/Comments: this column will display only 70 characters/letters; to see additional text, click on "Read More"

Actions: Ability to view or edit the meal service

View Unknown Attachment -  View the meal service log an editable format

Edit Unknown Attachment - Make a change to the meal service (NOTE: only viewable to network managers or network administrators)

Limited Editing

NOTE: users also can edit the meal service but they can only edit limited fields:

  • Number of additional children requesting a meal after all available meals were served

  • Damaged Meals

  • Number of Additional Meals Served

Delete Unknown Attachment - Delete the meal service (NOTE: only network administrators see this option)