How Do I Start a Concurrent School Year Meal Service?

Make sure the "Track multiple meal services at same time" Network Setting is enabled to use this feature. 

Network Admin

If you're a Network Administrator logged into the network organization, you will have to toggle to the agency you want to start a meal service for. 

Click on the hierarchy symbol on the top right of the page. A dropdown list will appear of your sites. Click on the site you want to create a meal service for. From there, you will see the button available for the meal service that site offers. 


You'll want to create a new school meal service at the time your meal service is about to begin, NOT the time you received the food.

After already starting one school year meal service, perform the same step to start another one. 

Option 1

Click on "School Year - Start a new Meal Service" on your Dashboard.

Option 2

Click on the Meal Services heading.

Click on School Year

Click on the "New School Year Meal Service"  button in the top right corner

A pop up will appear letting you know there's already a school year meal service in progress for this site.

You will have the option to

Join Existing: clicking on this will take you to the school year meal service that is currently in progress. See How Do I Enter Into a School Year Meal Service That's "In Progress"? for more information.

Create New: continue following the steps to set up a new separate school year meal service. See How Do I Start a New School Year Meal Service? for more information.