If a client doesn’t complete their profile in the client enrollment tool, is a partial profile created in the client intake system?

No, the system will not generate a client ID for the client and add them into the system until they get to the Thank You page and the client ID number is provided to them.

When enrolling for the first time, if they leave the enrollment process at any time before completing all of their pages, they will have to start over again.

How do I get another state listed on the dropdown list when a client is entering their address?

There isn’t currently a way to display all states or customize the list to select specific dates. The list of states is being pulled from the agency addresses in the network. In order for another state to appear, you can set your CNCT agency’s address in the state you want to add (since you won’t be using that state for client intake anyway). If you need another state, you would have to create another agency and set that one in the other state you need as well.

How can I ensure that the consent the client signs in CNCT syncs to the client intake system?

Your system was may have been set up using agency consent, where each agency has decided whether or not to track consent. The options are:

  1. We can leave things exactly as they are, which means each agency has its own consent disclaimer. CNCT clients would continue to operate the same way as any other client: they would need to sign consent at each new agency they visit, if that new agency tracks consent; or

  2. We can turn on Network Consent (a relatively new feature), which would mean clients only need to sign once, and that consent would be respected at all agencies in the network. However, this would mean agencies that do not currently ask for consent would now be prompted for consent.