Adding an anonymous visit is for individual household visits only. This is NOT used for bulk entry at the end of the day, but for each time a separate household comes in to get food.

Anonymous visits are also only available for standard non-appointment program. If your food bank program is appointment-based, it will not appear as an option for an anonymous visit.

by Network Administrators. Not all food banks will have access to this.

Click on "New Anonymous Visit"  on the Client Search or Dashboard page.

Select one of your programs to add a visit.

Note: anonymous visits won't be added.

All anonymous visits can collect the following information:

Click on the "Select All" or "Select None" button to select or deselect all options in a list more effectively.

You may not necessarily view all of these options when recording a visit. These fields are set at the administrative level. If you have any interest in collecting any of this information, please contact your food bank administrator.

How to Enable This Feature

Those with the Agency Manager user role or above can enable this at the organization level. The feature needs to be enabled at both the organization and user level.

Organization Settings

User Settings

To enable this at the user level: