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  • Location: if at least one of the duplicates was created at that location. This will only show the organizations the person has access to under the "Locations" list in their user profile.
  • Start Date/ End Date: date range of when the client duplicates were added to the Client Duplicates List
  • Number of Matching Criteria: amount of matching fields (first name, last name, date of birth, address), dropdown list starts with 2
  • Household Details: two options - No Visits, No Other Household Members

Once your selection is complete, click "Filter" to apply them. These filters will remain on the page even after you merge a duplicate or leave the page.

"Reset" will remove the filters you have selected.

title2 Matching Criteria

The use of 2 matching criteria is being deprecated and will be phased out in a future rollout.  Use of this might show unexpected results.  We advise that, when searching by matching criteria, you use at least 3 matching criteria.


When using the search box on the Client Duplicates page and Dismissed Duplicates page, you can use the "Keywords" text box to search using the same options available in client intake:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • First Last

  • Last, First

  • Partial Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Client ID Number

  • Address Street Name

  • Address Including Street Number

Group by Household

In order to easier manage duplicates, household members are shown.

If there is more than one household member in the household, the primary client's name will be shown and a collapse/expand button will appear to show other individuals in that household.

If there are no other household members in the household, the button won't show.