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A confirmation will appear letting you know that the meal service has ended. Click OK.

titleChanging Settings

If you change agency settings while a meal service is in progress, you risk encountering an error while ending that meal service. The system expects the same options while starting the meal service to be available when ending it. 


The above screen will display a summary of your meal service details. 


titleMore Meals Served Than Delivered

When recording a meal service using the participant module, occasionally the system has stored more meals served than meals delivered. This occurs when two users simultaneously click on a name to indicate that participant has received a meal.

We have made two additions to the system to manage this:

  1. If the Meal Service is Running- If the meal service is actively running, the users will receive a notification that more meals have been served than have been delivered, and the system will prompt for a correction.

  2. If the Meal Service has ended- If the meal service ends before the correction has been made, the meal will appear with an “Error” status in the meal service log.