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The table below provides more information on the differences between release types:.

Quick Release

Rollout Release

Operational Impact

  • Minimal

  • Intuitive UI improvements

  • Don’t require (re)training

  • Don’t require client input

  • Variable

  • Functionality and/or workflow change

  • Require training, impacts multiple user levels

  • May require client input

Release Timeline

  • 1-2 weeks

    • 1-2 week between announcement of coming changes and Live on Prod

    • Updates will go live on Test Server and Prod Server at the same time

  • 4-6 weeks

    • 2-3 weeks between announcement of coming changes and live on Test Server

    • 2-3 weeks between live on Test Server and Live on Prod

  • Month buffer between Rollout Releases

These two release types will be utilized throughout the year to provide a balanced release schedule, as well as to provide our customers with additional time to adopt and incorporate new feature functionality into their workflows.

Link2Feed operates within an agile product and development environment. As such, our annual roadmaps may change over the course of the coming year in order to accommodate evolving priorities. Our team will update these roadmaps on a quarterly basis in order to keep our customers abreast of release and launch progress.


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Download a PDF of the Product Launches Roadmap below: