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  1. Make sure you’re logged into the agency you want to update.

  2. Go to Administration, Agency Programs

  3. Click on the orange edit icon beside the program.

Appointment Options


You do not want to track any appointment options for this program.


Track whole day availability for this program. This would be days of the week that you’re open.

Date & Time

Track day and time availability for this program. This would be days and hours of the week that you’re open.



Track day and time availability for this program, but also set a restriction of how many appointments you want to be ale to book within a certain number of minutes. This would be days and hours of the week that you’re open and number of appointments within number of minutes you’d like to schedule (e.g. 5 appointments every 30min). The Exceptions section will allow you to make exceptions where you increase your capacity on certain days or time periods.



There’s a little question mark icon beside each option. If you hover over it, it will describe what checking off the option would do.

Closure Dates


Click on “Add Closure” to select a full day closure for that location for that program.
The system will check if any appointments are scheduled for that day before accepting that day as a closure option.

Food and Items Provided

  • You can select if you’d like either the foods provided or items provided (or both) sections to be required fields.

  • You can also add your own Quantity label to track lbs, kgs or hampers provided.


  • This list displays all of your active provisions. If you’d like to modify this list, see How Do I Add a Provision? for more information on how to do this.

  • Count of Items: whole number count of provisions.

  • Currency: dollar value of provisions.

  • Weight: weight value of provisions.

  • Checkbox: checkbox option

  • Active/Inactive: enabling a provision only does so for this specific program.


Agreeing to this disclaimer helps the system to keep a long of changes made and the user who made them.