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Link2Feed has a data access method for connecting Link2Feed data to other systems. To use this feature, please speak with your account manager to discuss pricing and implementation.


There are two general data access suites available for networks. They are both based on the same dataset, the “snapshot” dataset, that is used for Exports and Reports within the Link2Feed UI. Clients can request access to this resource and use it to incorporate Link2Feed data streams into their own data strategy, including third party analytics tools and other systems. Those two solutions are:

  1. Database Access Suite – for integrating into query and analytics solutions

  2. HTTP Export API – for synchronizing Link2Feed into a data repository using differential data

Data Security and Privacy


For more details please see: Link2Feed Database Access Suite

HTTP Export API - Discontinued

NOTE: This API has been discontinued. If you are interested in receiving data from Link2Feed, please contact your account manager for alternative options.

The core mechanism behind this suite is providing a JSON payload from a TLS/SSL-secured connection to a RESTful HTTP API. This system has access to both Intake and CACFP/SFSP data.


For more details please see: Link2Feed HTTP Export API (Discontinued)