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  • ID: the individual's Link2Feed ID number
  • First Name: the individual's first name
  • Last Name: the individual's last name
  • Date of Birth: the individual's date of birth
  • Address: the address of the household the individual is in
  • Agency: the organization where the individual's original household was created
  • Created By: the user who created the individual's profile



will be added to this list if they match the following criteria: 

are matched based on 3 of the 4 criteria including:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

First Name +
  • A Date of Birth

  • Last Name + Date of Birth 
  • ...

    • Field (One of the following counts as a match)

      • DOB: YYYY-MM

      • DOB: MM-DD

      • DOB: YYYY-DD

    • Address Line 1

    Independent of the criteria above, duplicates will also appear if an exact match is found on email address

    Viewing and Merging

    • Click on the "View"  button to compare the client files. A new tab will open allowing you to view information about both clients.