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Those with the Agency Manager user role or above can enable this at the organization level. The feature needs to be enabled at both the organization and user level.

Organization Settings

  • Click on the orange edit icon beside the organization under Administration>Organizations
  • Click on the Profile Tab
  • Click on Intake Organization Profile
  • Click on Edit Organization on the right
  • You should see a checkbox under the calendar called "Anonymous Clients Permitted"
  • Check off that option and save your changes

User Settings

To enable this at the user level:


Enabling at the Organization Level

  • Go to Administration > Organizations.
  • Select the "edit" icon beside the agency's name.
  • Go to the C MGMT tab.
  • Scroll down to Intake Options and set Anonymous Clients to "On"
  • Save your changes

If the option to turn on Anonymous Visits does not appear at the Agency level, it indicates that the Anonymous Visits option has been turned off at the Network Organizational level; your Network Administrator can turn this on at the network level and thus enable you to turn the feature on at the Agency level.

Enabling at the User Level

  • Go to Administration > Users.
  • Select the "edit" icon beside the user's name.
  • Click on "Case Management Specific", top right hand side of the page.
  • Under "Additional Permissions" check off "Case Management Anonymous"
  • Save your changes

How to View, Change, and Edit Anonymous VisitsĀ 

Please review the instructions hereĀ How Do I View, Edit or Delete an Anonymous Visit?.